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Fayetteville Council discusses vacant position

By Martha Jacob

The Fayetteville Village Council met in regular session on August 8, with council members Tina Houk and Wendy Evans absent from the meeting.

Mayor Randy Carson got right down to business, and led council in an in depth discussion over the options available for replacing the position of village administrator, meter reader and maintenance employee.

Council discussed ways the village could save money if the position of administrator was not filled, and instead, create a street commissioner position.

“I’ve discussed this position with our Chief of Police, Chad Essert and he is willing to fill this position until the end of the year for $500 a month,” Mayor Carson explained. “Chad would be being paid $500 a month for his hours as police chief and $500 a month for being street commissioner. It’s a win/win for our village until we figure out what we want to do.

“I have checked this out thoroughly through the Ohio Revised Code and we are in our rights to create this position. So as long as council is okay with it, we can do this on a temporary basis until the end of the year.”

Council also briefly discussed possibly selling the village’s water company to one of three possible buyers including Brown County Rural Water, Highland County Water or Western Water. The village plans on looking into which company could offer the village the best deal. Carson said that the Lake Lorelei community sold their water and are very happy with their new arrangement.

In other business letters have been sent out to residents that they must clean up their properties and given 30 days to do so.

Council voted to create an new line item in its budget for the beautification committee.

At a special meeting called for July 18, council met briefly to discuss the 2018 budget. Council passed a resolution accepting the amounts and rates as determined by the budget commission and to discuss the vacant positions of Bob Campbell, administrator and Brian Reeves, maintenance.

Also discussed at the July 18 meeting was replacing the sidewalk in front of the municipal building and a section on Lindsey Drive where water is standing.

It was also suggested that council start holding two meetings a month instead of one.

Finding funds for the purchase of ammunition for the police department was also discussed and whether or not the funds could be taken out of police training money.

Council also approved getting one of the older police cruisers repaired.

Council also discussed fixing playground equipment to bring it up to code, suggestion was made to give the Knothole Association funds so that they could take care of mowing at the park.

During the meeting council decided to allow Councilwoman Evans to write any permits that needed to be written on a temporary basis.