News Democrat

Margaret Mann turns 105

By Wayne Gates

A Georgetown woman has reached a milestone few people will ever see. Margaret Mann celebrated her 105th birthday on June 18. She said that so many people have asked her how it feels to be that old, that she’s come up with a stock answer. “I say I don’t know because I don’t know how you are supposed to feel when you are 105,” she said. “I’ve been told ‘you look like you are about 80’, but I don’t believe it.” Margaret answered the door herself to begin the interview. She did indeed look younger than her 105 years. Her mind was clear and her opinions and observations were sharp. When asked about the difference between today and sixty or seventy years ago, her answer was clear. “I liked it better. I think people live too fast, live too high and want too much today. I don’t go in debt and I pay my monthly bills as soon as they get in here. I have no charge card, no cell phone and I enjoy life,” Mann said. Mann has lived on the same property on State Route 125 in Georgetown for 87 years. “We were in the country when we came out here. This road was a gravel road. We didn’t have electricity. We just lived like country folk lived,” she said. “When I was a little girl, you didn’t see many cars. The first ones came along about 1923. My dad had a Ford Roadster. That was our first car and I think he gave $250 dollars for it.” Read more about Margaret’s story and how she feels about events of today in the June 28 News Democrat, on sale now. To subscribe, call 513-732-2511