Best wine in Ohio

By Wayne Gates – 

The Meranda-Nixon Winery in Ripley has been recognized as having one of the best wines in Ohio.
The winery’s 2015 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon was named as the best red win in the state by the Ohio Department of Agriculture on May 17.
Ohio Agriculture Director David T. Daniels honored Meranda-Nixon as one of the Director’s Choice recipients at an event held at the Statehouse for retailers, distributors, restaurateurs and winery owners.
“We are very humbled and proud that our wine was chosen by the committee that chooses the award winning wines,” said Maura Meranda.
She added that making great wine begins and ends with the grapes.
“It just shows the quality of the wine that we are fortunate to continue to make here. Seth (Meranda) always says that the wine is made in the vineyard so we are fortunate to be able to grow these grapes in Ohio that produce wine of this quality.”
She added that winning the award gives a personal benefit as well.
“It shows our family that hard work pays off. The kids are part of the whole process from start to finish. It shows them that hard work is rewarded.”
According to information from the Ohio Department of Agriculture website;
“All of the Director’s Choice award recipients are eligible for the Ohio Quality Wine designation. It was created in 2007 by the Ohio Grape Industries Committee and is assigned to wines made from at least 90 percent Ohio-grown grapes. These wines must also achieve at least 15 of 20 points on a sensory evaluation and pass a chemical analysis before receiving the quality seal.”