Man charged with attempted murder of brother

A Brown County man is in jail after stabbing his brother in the back with a knife.
Barton Gorham has been charged with Attempted Murder, Felonious Assault and Domestic Violence following an incident at a home on Carpenter Road on April 25.
The Brown County Sheriff’s Office released the following information in a press release:
“On April 25, deputies from the Brown County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to 3303 Carpenter Road, Mt. Orab to investigate a report of two brothers fighting.
Deputies arrived and found that Nicholas Gorham, age 23, was found to be suffering from what appeared to be a knife wound to the lower back area. A life squad responded to the scene and transported him to Mt. Orab Mercy.
The mother of Nickolas Gorham, Diana Gorham, was present during the altercation that led to the wounding of Nicholas Gorham.  She stated that Nicholas had been in a fight with his brother, Barton Gorham, age 29, who had been consuming alcohol.
Diana stated that she observed Barton Gorham and Nicholas fighting and that Barton went into his bedroom and came out with a knife. She then saw him slash and then stab Nicholas in the lower back area with the knife.
Barton Gorham also had visible injuries which included a laceration to his palm. He was transported to Mt. Orab Mercy for treatment and then was taken into custody by the Brown County Sheriff’s Office. The investigation into this incident is continuing.