Georgetown village council update

By Nancy Montgomery – 

The power outages last month were caused by problems in the lines coming in from Duke Energy. We updated our substations last year so we can transfer town lines to different substations. This will reduce outages resulting from damaged feeder lines from Duke Energy. Unfortunately, Duke Energy has never completed their end of this project which keeps us from being able to switch the feeds. Duke plans to finish this project this year. This brings another reminder to call Art Owens at 937-378-6395 X 1003 to register to receive calls through One Call Now. It is a mode of communication with our citizens during emergencies such as power outages or other information citizens need to know.
While we wait for the weather to cooperate so the street paving can be completed, our street department has been trying to deal with pot holes. They are having to use cold patches since hot patches are only produced in the summer. The cold patches are temporary and don’t hold after rain or snow.