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Kids invent school safety solution

By Damon Huff, Champion Media – 

Welding students at Southern Hills Carrier and Technical Center have envisioned a new way to keep classrooms safe in the wake of a school shooting.
Seniors Kerstin Hartman and Jantsen Crank came up with the idea for a lightweight, easy to use barricade to stop potential intruders from entering a classroom from the outside.
“It all started after the school shooting in Florida,” said Hartman. “We all started thinking of ways we could protect ourselves and others.”
The two said that instead of walking out of class during national school walkouts earlier in the month, they decided to do something they felt was more hands on.
“We decided to do something to help with our resources here,” said welding instructor John Adams.
According to Adams, he told his students that it was OK to be sad but something had to be done about it.
Hartman said that they just put their minds together to be able to make their school safer and they came up with the idea for their device.