Flood Cleanup begins

By Wayne Gates – 

What emergency management officials are calling one of the largest floods in decades is finally receding.
At it’s peak around 8 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 25, the Ohio River at Maysville was at 53.79 feet. That would make this flood the 20th highest in history.
In 2015, the river reached 54.8 feet on March 15, the 16th highest in history. The 1997 total was 61.2 feet, the seventh highest ever. The highest flood total ever recorded at Maysville was 75.6 feet on January 27, 1937.
Brown County Emergency Management Director Barbara Davis said that there will still be some spot flooding, but talk of cleanup and recovery is now beginning.
“There are still going to be lowland areas along the bank that are still going to have water. Use caution when you start cleaning up. Make sure you have the proper vaccinations so if you cut yourself you won’t get tetanus.”