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Eastern holds softball/baseball clinic

Mike Stefanski instructs young catchers during the Eastern Softball/Baseball Clinic held Jan. 28.

By Wade Linville – 

A large crowd of student/athletes ranging from ages nine and up ventured to Eastern Middle School on Sunday, Jan. 28 to take part in the annual Eastern Softball and Baseball Clinic, helping them prepare for the upcoming spring season.
Sessions included hitting, catching, baseball pitching, and softball pitching.
The hitting session was hosted by Bryan Conley, a professional hitting instructor with South Western Ohio Baseball Academy, former infielder for the Cincinnati Reds and Chicago Cubs, and former hitting/infield instructor for the Cincinnati Reds.
The catching session was hosted by Mike Stefanski, former catcher in minor league baseball and the catching coordinator for the Cincinnati Reds.
The baseball pitching session was hosted by Mo Stanford, former Major League Baseball pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds, Colorado Rockies, and Minnesota Twins who is now a professional pitching instructor through South Western Ohio Baseball Academy.
Hosting the softball pitching session was Eastern High School’s own, Maria Johnson, a two-time All-Ohio pitcher who is a current local pitching instructor with accumulated years of professional training and experience.
Playing a significant role in helping to put together the clinic was Jeff Johnson, who is well-known locally for his assistance with the Eastern High School softball program and Eastern athletics.
“I’m really happy with the turnout this year,” said Eastern High School head baseball coach Steve Goetz. “We have some great instructors here and this is great for the kids.”
According to Johnson, future plans may include an Eastern softball/baseball clinic that lasts for more than one day, giving more local student/athletes the opportunity to take part.