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Property tax bills on the way


By Wayne Gates – 

It’s property tax time again. The bills are in the mail from the Brown County Treasurer’s office and are due on February 7.
There are a number of ways to pay, including mailing payment back to the office.
Others choose to walk in and pay.  For those that do, Brown County Treasurer Connie Patrick has some suggestions to make the process go smoothly.
“It’s very important that they have their bill with them or know the parcel number of the property for which they wish to pay,” Patrick said.
“If they don’t, we will have to send them next door to the Tax Map office to get their parcel numbers or they will have to go get an old bill. We have to make sure that we aren’t missing any properties that they are intending to pay taxes on.”
Patrick said that with the way the system works, it is possible that a tax bill can be overlooked.