G’Town Council plans to raise water rates


By Martha B. Jacob – 

Georgetown Village Council met Thursday, Dec. 14 in regular session with several visitors in attendance from the community including Ray Becraft and Selma Pitzer.
Councilwoman Susan Bean who will be leaving her seat at the end of the year was honored with a plaque of appreciation from Mayor Dale Cahall who thanked her for her four years of service to council.
Council approved minutes from the Oct. 26 meeting, the payment list and the fund summary.
Council discussed several ongoing problems on how the Brown County Chamber of Commerce operates events at the Gaslight Theater which is owned by the village.
Village Administrator Art Owens explained that following several performances, the theater has not been cleaned up.
Council agreed that the Gaslight Theater is an amazing asset to the village and it’s potential to the community is great. The contract with the chamber is up in February. The chamber was invited to the meeting but no one was there to represent the chamber.
Following a lengthy discussion, it was decided that Owens would meet with the chamber before the signing of a new contract to resolve some of the issues before a new contract is signed.