Chamber of Commerce discusses development


The April 20 Brown County Chamber of Commerce afternoon meeting was held at the Southern Hills Career and Technical Center in Georgetown where visitors were treated to a great meal by the school’s culinary students.
Guy Hopkins, principal at the school welcomed everyone to the meeting.
Kelly Cole, Brown County Economic Development Director updated the chamber members on recent happenings in the county.
“I’m happy to be here and tell you all that I can that’s going on in our county,” Cole said. “A lot of what I do is boring, so right now I’ll share one of the boring but important things that I’m working on.
“Since January of 2015, the state of Ohio, JobsOhio, which is now the economic development arm of the state, decided that Ohio needed to have a bunch of its development sites certified. And certification means that they come in and inspect those sites and make sure that they are industry standard ready for development.”
Cole said she and the commissioners have gone through the first wave of site vetting where any community that wanted to, could submit a potential site. There were approximately 88 sites submitted and 20 were selected from those 88 to continue on to a phase two.