Pick a Lollipop, help a dog

By Martha B. Jacob –

The Brown County Humane Society Animal Shelter has come up with a great way for residents to help out the shelter and at the same time win a prize, while having a lot of fun playing the “Pick-A-Lollipop” game.
“We’re excited about this new fundraiser to help support the animal shelter,” said Brown County Deputy Dog Warden Barb Ashmore, “It’s a win-win for everyone, especially for our dogs here at the shelter.
“All anyone has to do is stop in at the shelter, here in Georgetown, pick a lollipop for $5 from our special lollipop tree. It there’s a number written on the lollipop the person is an automatic winner. The number will coincide with one of the great prizes to pick from.”
Ashmore said the prizes that have been donated include $10 off microchips for dogs, Longaberger baskets, beauti products, spring wreaths, origami necklaces dog treat goody bags, gift certificates and many more items.
“We will be running this contest until April 1 or until all the lollipops are gone, whichever comes first,” Ashmore said. “We’d like to thank all our many supporters who donated these wonderful items to support the shelter.
“Please drop by and purchase a lollipop and help in supporting our dogs here at the shelter. We currently have about 15 dogs available for adoption.”
For more information on the shelter and ways to help it function please call (937) 378-3457.