Questions still linger in Stuart explosion

Photo by Mark Carpenter, The People’s Defender, West Union –

Around 1 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon, an explosion rocked the J.M. Stuart Station between Manchester and Aberdeen, injuring six employees, none of them life-threatening according to initial reports.

The cause of the blast, which could be heard and felt for miles around, is still undetermined and no official statement has yet to come from D P &L, owners and operator of the plant.  The six injured were transported by emergency responders to the Meadowview Regional Medical Center in Maysville, and reports are that two were transported to another facility for treatment, but no specific details on identities or injuries has been released.

The People’s Defender was on site at the Stuart Station shortly after the incident, and a complete report will be in the upcoming Jan. 15 weekend edition of The People’s Defender.  Visit