Air Evac team to get new headquarters building in Georgetown

By Wayne Gates –

Air Evac Lifeteam 89 is getting a new home in Georgetown.
The team will still be located behind the former Southwest Regional Medical Center, but they will be getting a new modular office and bunking area.
John McKinnish is the  program director of Air Evac  89 for Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky.
“Our crews stay on staff 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.  What we are doing is a swapout of our crew quarters,” McKinnish said.
There are some design changes inside that will make it more convenient for the crew.  We’ve got more individual bunk rooms, a day room, offices and bathrooms and  a kitchen.  We updated the design to make it more comfortable for the crew to be there for 24 hours at a time.”
Air Evac has been operating out of Georgetown since 2009.
“We are exceptionally happy working our service area out of Georgetown,” McKinnish said.
Some local residents have noted the activity at the site and some have drawn the incorrect conclusion that Air Evac was leading Georgetown.  McKinnish said that Air Evac was in the area to stay.
“We knew there would be some possible rumors when we did this, but we want to make sure that the citizens of the community know that we are committed to being here and that’s why we are making these upgrades.”
While McKinnish could not share just how many flights Air Evac makes on a yearly basis, he did say that the Georgetown crew stays busy.
“If it’s a good weather day, we are usually up in the air serving the citizens,” McKinnish said.