2016 Ohio Valley Antique Machinery Show

CoverBy Wayne Gates –
Another successful Ohio Valley Antique Machinery Show is in the books.
Jeff Smith, President of the Ohio Valley Antique Machinery Club, said on Saturday, August 13 that he was pleased with how things were going.
“Everything is running smoothly and we are having normal attendance.  Everybody seems to be enjoying themselves,” Smith said.
A lot of the vendors are thanking us for putting on a great show.  All we are getting are compliments, so that feels pretty good.”
Smith said that 2016 was the 46th year for the event, and a lot of people use the show as a reunion.
“A lot of people come here to see old friends that they only see once a year here at the show,” Smith said.
He added that the history of the event and the equipment remains the centerpiece of the show.
That’s what we’re here for, to preserve the past for people to see old equipment and some of the old ways,” Smith said.
“It’s neat to see that old stuff run.  To see a kids eyes light up when they see some of these old machines is what warms my heart.”