Dear Editor,

While there are a lot of good youth sports coaches, sadly there are way too many coaches in this country who are failing to teach and model ethical behavior. Coaching is supposed to be about being a good role model, enhancing self-esteem, and building character. In my opinion, this is not happening with the new varsity basketball coach, Daniel Oliver, at Georgetown Jr.-Sr. High school this year!

My son is a Senior at Georgetown Jr.-Sr. High school this year. He has attended Georgetown schools since kindergarten. He has been playing basketball since he was a little boy with the Upward program at the Georgetown Church of Christ. He continued playing basketball at Georgetown in grade school and the last three years of high school at Georgetown, and was on the varsity team last year. He attended conditioning this year as always and was looking forward to what this year would bring in the sport that he loves. At the end of conditioning and a few practices, the coach had a one-on-one meeting with my son, as he did with each player, and that day mentioned the possibility of a captain’s spot on the team to my son and looking to him to be a leader this year as a Senior. The coach also told my son that he had the most experience out of anyone on the whole team. The following week, the coach decided to make cuts to the team, as there were 25 players who came out for JV and Varsity and he stated that 25 players was too many and he wanted to get down to 22 players. He then proceeded to cut my son from the team as a Senior with the explanation that “he wasn’t planning on playing him that much” and he figured that my son would get a bad attitude so he just went ahead and cut him. He also stated that since he did not have my son in his classroom as a student he “didn’t know how to get through to him.” My son was in shock, upset, disappointed and hurt. How could a coach do this to a Senior student who has good grades, is a respectful teenager, has dedicated countless hours of practice time to his team, has solid fundamental basketball skills, and has supported his teammates whether it be on the court or on the bench? My son did not deserve to be treated this way. He will not get to celebrate Senior night with his teammates. He will not get his Senior banner hung in the gymnasium. He will not get to celebrate the wins and losses with the boys he has been playing with all these years. This is the only sport in which he would have earned a 4-year award. This coach decided my son was not worthy of further coaching. This coach decided he didn’t want to continue to teach him and help him grow as a player. I feel this coach has abused his authority and since he didn’t know my son as well as some of the other players on the team just decided my son didn’t matter. My son was not on his baseball team, as many of the other players were. This coach definitely played favorites, and it makes me sick. He made room for freshman and sophomore players who have 3-4 years of basketball playing time left. He made room for kids who have been in trouble and suspended, kids who have been ineligible due to grades, and players who didn’t even play last year. No room for my son. What a slap in the face. This is what hard work and dedication get you at Georgetown Jr-Sr High school.

My family and I are very disappointed and angry about this decision. We have been in contact with the superintendent and the athletic director, but nothing is being done except to say “I’m sorry.”

Sorry doesn’t cut it! If anyone else believes this was an injustice to my son, please contact the superintendent of Georgetown schools to voice your opinion.

Rachel Moler