UC Clermont launches Pre-Sports Administration Program

UC Clermont College has launched a Pre-Sports Administration Program. Students interested in a career in athletics management — whether working with NFL players or running a country club — can get their start at UC Clermont. The college has just added several introductory courses in pre-sports administration to its offerings, with the option for students of working toward an associate’s degree with a focus in the area. Students can also easily transfer their credits toward earning their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in sports administration on Main Campus.

“We work collaboratively with the Sports Administration program at Main Campus with our offerings so that courses taken at Clermont transfer into UC’s program,” said Andy Hurley, academic coordinator for the program, which is housed within the Business, Law and Technology Department. “Our role is to expose students to the career alternatives in sports with core course offerings that provide a pathway for those looking further their education with a bachelor’s degree.”

For Hurley, bringing a pre-sports administration curriculum to Clermont is just the latest effort in a long, successful career in the highly competitive field. Hurley got his start working in athletics at California State University at Fullerton before becoming development director of the Special Olympics for six years. He then served as assistant athletic director at the University of Buffalo before coming to UC, where he played several integral roles in athletics development for several years. He began sharing his wisdom as an adjunct professor at UC Clermont last year while serving as President of byDZGN, a strategic marketing planning and research firm he founded.

“When I was earning my degree, there were only three schools in the country that offered sports management as a course of study,” Hurley said. “Now colleges and universities all over the country are offering courses and degrees. Prospective students are intrigued by the prospect of working in athletics, but they only know what they’ve seen on TV or have been exposed to this point in their lives. It’s not just high school, college or professional athletics. Graduates can work in facility management, or in sales working for Under Armor or Nike. Given how vast the opportunities are in sports administration there are so many career options that go beyond being a coach or athletic director.”

While Hurley hopes to continue to grow the UC Clermont program, he’s also quick to point out the pre-sports administration courses offer benefits for students outside of athletics, too. “What really distinguishes Clermont College from other programs like this is that we’re looking to train students in basic management and critical thinking skills that will serve them no matter where they land professionally,” Hurley said. “We are using the attraction and interest in sports to educate students on fundamental skills that have application in any line of business.”

To learn more about UC Clermont’s Pre-Sports Administration Program, email Andy Hurley at hurleyar@ucmail.uc.edu or call Business Division Program Manager Donna Longworth at 513- 558-9871.

New courses offer students chance to explore careers in athletics and beyond

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