Bailey House hosting Nov. 22 book signing

Plan now to visit the Bailey House, located 112 North Water Street in Georgetown, for tea and a book-signing 4 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 22. The event is free, open to all, and sponsored by the US Grant Homestead Association.

Clark Beim-Esche’s new book, “Calling on the Presidents: Tales Their Houses Tell,” grew out of his premise that we all are products of our upbringing and home life.

“Calling on the Presidents” was written from this perspective after Clark and his wife Carol visited the homes of all of our presidents.

The book offers a concise history of each president from Washington to Reagan with brief overviews of Clinton, the two Bushes, and Obama. His discussion of Ulysses S. Grant is accurate and extensive.

Meet the author and talk with him about his research. Signed copies of “Calling on the Presidents” will be available at $24.

For reservations, call 937-378-3087.

Clark Beim-Esche Beim-Esche Submitted photo