Georgetown Village gives a commendation to former Councilman Drew Watson

GEORGETOWN — In an unusually short meeting, the Village of Georgetown honored a former councilman, swore in a new police officer, and passed a pair of resolutions.

Georgetown Mayor Dale Cahall gave a commendation to Drew Watson for his service to the village. Watson, who was joined in the audience at Georgetown’s Sept. 24 village council meeting by his wife Courtney Watson, resigned his seat on Aug. 13 due to an upcoming move outside of the village limits. Watson was originally planning on serving out the end of his term and was not seeking reelection.

“Mr. Watson exemplefied the true meaning of dedication and devotion to the village of Georgetown,” Cahall said. “His sagacious nature and in-depth research into various projects played a vital role in their completion. It is with deep appreciation and well wishes that we give Mr. Watson thanks from our council. We hope that his future endeavors are always influenced by the same sensibilities and thought processes that made him a valuable member of our village council. We hope that he will always carry with him fond memories with this government body.”

Watson was originally appointed to village council in on Jan. 24, 2008 and served as the council president.

“I want to wish everybody the best and good luck, especially with the zoning ordinance,” Watson said. “I would like to see everyone progressing with that. The various projects in the village with health care, (for example), a lot of good things are coming and you guys are going to be vital for that. Thanks for everything.”

Following Watson’s commendation, Cahall swore in a new police officer to the Georgetown Police Department, Derek Vandemark. Vandemark is a recent graduate from the Clermont County Police Academy, and he lives in Bethel.

With no administrators report, the meeting moved on to village council adopting a pair of resolutions.

The first resolution was for a supplemental appropriation from Georgetown’s general fund to be placed for part-time police officers. According to Cahall, the police department was short on funds. The total appropriation was $23,160. The resolution was passed unanimously.

Next there was a resolution for an intra-fund transfer within the village of Georgetown, moving money that would have went into Councilwoman Virginia Colwell’s Ohio Public Employees Retirement System account and into her social security account. The resolution was passed unanimously.

During round-table discussion, Cahall thanked the Courthouse Square Association and the Farmer’s Market, as well as Councilwoman Susan Bean, for helping bring more visitors to Georgetown over the summer.

Following the round-table discussion, Solicitor Joe Braun recommended that village council move into executive session, citing discussion of a public employee, as well as section G3 of Ohio Revised Code statute 121.22, which states, “conferences with an attorney for the public body concerning disputes involving the public body that are the subject of pending or imminent court action.”

This was in response to the village’s engineering investigation as well as Braun’s investigation about how to handle John Cahall’s insurance claims, which went unmet following a sewage back-up in his home from a village flush station on July 18, 2015.

After exiting executive session, village council took no action.

The next meeting will take place on Oct. 8 at 7 p.m. in council chambers below the Gaslight Theater.

Georgetown Mayor Dale Cahall reads a commendation to former Georgetown Councilman Drew Watson. Mayor Dale Cahall reads a commendation to former Georgetown Councilman Drew Watson. Dan Karell | News Democrat

Mayor Dale Cahall swears in new police officer Derek Van Demark. Dale Cahall swears in new police officer Derek Van Demark. Dan Karell | News Democrat
Former Georgetown Councilman Drew Watson was honored by the village

By Daniel Karell