Students learn about careers

Grant Career Center Summer Career Experience participants gather for the closing ceremony.

Students from grade eight through 10 joined the staff at Grant Career Center on June 3 and 4 for a fun, activity-filled Summer Career Experience.

The Summer Career Experience was open to all students finishing the eighth or ninth grade from Bethel-Tate, Felicity-Franklin, New Richmond and Williamsburg school districts.

Students were placed into the shops and labs where teachers had activities lined up for participants. The first session in the medical cluster saw students gowning up with personal protection garb to dissect cow eyeballs and sheep kidneys in the Allied Health Science Lab.

In the service cluster, students began in culinary arts creating an Italian feast of pizza, salad and peach crisp. In the construction cluster, the students began in the metal fabrication lab where they were bending metal for shepherd hooks to hang their soon-to-be constructed bird feeders.

The first session in the transportation cluster saw students sanding soap box derby cars in preparation for painting in the auto collision lab and then switched half way through the morning to build solar-powered automobiles in automotive service technology.

The robotics cluster began their experience by building rockets and assembling robots.

The animal and law enforcement cluster was divided between criminal justice, equine science and veterinary science programs and spent the morning learning riding techniques, practicing traffic stops, or learning about pet safety and first aid.

Following lunch, students headed off to new venues for Session II. The medical cluster returned to dissecting and learning about career opportunities. The construction group headed back to metal fabrication where they practiced welding skills on shepherd’s hooks and used heat to bend hangers for bird feeders. The service cluster moved on to cosmetology where they gave and received natural facials with yogurt, mashed strawberries, and bananas while using massage techniques.

The transportation cluster headed back to auto collision and had paint spritzing everywhere as the cars took on personality and multiple coats of paint. They visited the automotive service technology lab to complete service skills and put cars up on the lift. The animal and law enforcement cluster rotated and went through new activities with their group. The engineering and robotics group worked on programming and watched robots travel on a path around the course.

Day two of the Summer Career Experience had the students arriving early and ready to tackle the projects they had started the day before.

The medical group switched to biotechnology mode and created their own brand of lip balm.

The transportation group headed to the race track to personalize cars and determine the winners of the derby and make modifications to cars to give them the speed advantage. Following the derby, they worked with the solar cars and prepared for the sun-powered race.

The construction group headed to carpentry and learned the basics of building as they constructed their bird feeder box. The service group hit the kitchen running and combined their cosmetology knowledge with kitchen skills to create sugar and salt scrubs and their own lip gloss. Basic ingredients became high-end cosmetic products.

The animal and law enforcement group finished rotations and saw the addition of kittens to the veterinary rotation. Students rode the horses with confidence. The robotics cluster launched their rockets into the stratosphere. The battle was then on to see whose robot would cruise through the course with the fastest time!

The day was capped off with an award ceremony with parents, friends, staff, student assistants and special guests.