Commissioner’s journal

The Brown County Board of Commissioners met in regular session June 10 with the following members present: Daryll Gray, President; Tony Applegate, Member; Barry Woodruff, Member.

Motion moved by Barry Woodruff to approve minutes of previous regular meeting and dispense with the oral reading. Second: Tony Applegate.

Motion moved by Tony Applegate to approve the following bills for payment: A00, County, $50,719.95; B20, Probate Indigent Guardianship, $274; J01, Real Estate Assessment, $1,625.65; B01, Dog and Kennel, $4,187.55; C10, Probate Court Computerization, $1,839; B10A, Prosecutor DTAC, $318.35; H10, Child Support Enforcement, $6,984; P340, Sewer and Water District Fund, $2,850; K01, Auto and Gas, $132,569.28; H01, Job and Family Services, $26,247.93; S50, Childrens Services, $21,246.28; A70, Concealed Handgun License Fund, $1,770; C44, Magristrate’s IVD Fund, $4,750; A35, Law Library Resources, $1,409.43.Total: $257,201.58. Second: Barry Woodruff.

Motion moved by Barry Woodruff to enter contract with Electro-Mech Services, Russellville, for the installation of a generator at the Aberdeen Huntington Township Building. Funding provided by BF14 Community Allocation project, total project amount is $34,411.11; Community Allocation portion is $23,400 and the match provided by the Aberdeen Huntington Township Fire Dept. and Life Squad will be $11,011.11. (See complete contract on file.) Second: Tony Applegate.

Motion moved by Tony Applegate to adopt Resolution 06102015, authorizing submittal of FY2015 Community Development and Block Grant. Brown County may be eligible to receive up to $114,000 in CDBG Allocation Program Funding, providing the county meets all applicable requirements. Second: Barry Woodruff.

Motion moved by Barry Woodruff upon the request of Kelly Cole, Development, to adopt the Anti-Displacement and Relocation Assistance Plan under Section 104(d) of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 to provide for one-for-one replacement units and relocation assistance. (See complete plan on file.) Second: Tony Applegate.

Motion moved by Tony Applegate to adopt the citizen participation plan. The Commissioners will hold a general public hearing for an overview of all potential grants, funding limits, eligible activities, timing of applications and any grant specific requirements. Grant specific Public Hearings will be held prior to finalizing and submission of grant application. Second: Barry Woodruff.

The second public hearing for Development Community Allocation Block Grant Program for PY2015 was held this day at 11 a.m. in this office. In attendance: Commissioners Barry Woodruff, Tony Applegate and Daryll Gray; Kelly Cole, Development Director; Sarah Prebble, Clerk; and Bill Pritchard, Perry Twp. Trustee. Based upon citizen input and local officials’ assessments of county needs, it is proposed to commence application for the following list of CDBG activities for program year 2015 under the formula allocation program: Snowhill Road, Perry Twp., $28,800; Fishing Gut Road, Huntington Twp., $45,300; Senior Citizens Council Homemaker Services, $17,100; Fair Housing & Administration, $22,800.

Hearing was declared over at 11:15 a.m.

The second hearing was held to give the citizens adequate opportunity to review and comment on the proposed $114,000 before CDBG Community Allocation Grant Program Application is submitted to the Ohio Department of Development, Office of Housing and Community Partnerships.

Motion moved by Tony Applegate, upon the recommendation of Kelly Cole, Development Director, to authorize publication of the Combined Notice for the FONSI and RROF on behalf of the Environment Review Record pertaining to the close to Home IV, Inc. project. Second: Barry Woodruff.

Motion moved by Tony Applegate to adjourn meeting with no further business before the Board June 10. Second: Barry Woodruff.

Motion moved by Tony Applegate to adjourn this meeting with no further business before the Board this 10th day of June, 2015. Second: Barry Woodruff.

Commissioners, Barry Woodruff and Daryll Gray, attended the BET/LEPC Meeting June 9.

Law Library held their bi-monthly meeting in the office of the Board of Commissioners. Commissioner, Barry Woodruff was in attendance June 9.

Commissioners met with Scott Moore, BCE, and Mitch Hastings, BCE, to access needed maintenance of real estate at 510 E. State Street, Georgetown June 10.

Commissioners and Sarah Prebble, Clerk, attended a meeting at Common Pleas Courthouse to review proposed alternative sentencing of Brown County inmates. In attendance: Judge Scott Gusweiler; Judge Joseph Worley; Joni Dotson, Court Administrator; Chief Deputy Carl Smith; Steve Dunkin, BCMHAS; Deanne Vietze, BCMHAS, Talbert House Representative; Chris Van Harlingen, Prosecutor’s Office; Jenny Andrews, Common Pleas Court; and Myron Flaugher, Municipal Court; June 9.