By Karen Woodruff

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join us as the Brown County Senior Citizens Club will meet on Wednesday, June 24. Our meeting will begin at the ABCAP building (old Alverda Reed Elementary) , located 200 S. Green Street in Georgetown, with a potluck luncheon at noon. If you would be interested in joining us this year and are at least 50 years old, please come be our guest. We would be glad to have you.

What a blessing we received from our last meeting. The Christian Theatre for Children and a group of approximately 30 visitors from GROW joined us for lunch May 27. A pizza and pop party was supplied for our entertainers and guests. Thank you, Barry. A young man from GROW looked over to Barry with pizza sauce on both sides of his mouth and running down his chin and said, “Thank you so much for the pizza.” It really takes so little, doesn’t it? Thank you, seniors, for all the extra desserts and cookies. You went above and beyond.

Before our meeting, the Christian Theatre for Children performed for our club and for our visitors from GROW. They were absolutely terrific! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the program. Thank you to those parents and leaders of the group for sharing with us. If you have the opportunity, support this group with your presence and monetarily if possible. I am sure anything you could contribute would be greatly appreciated as they continue to provide such wonderful God-centered entertainment through our area.

In June we will begin bringing school supplies for our Summerfest giveaway from our club. We also will have Lt. McElfresh, from the Highway Patrol, give us some tips on summer and vacation driving. We will finish our meeting playing some Bingo. Please remember to bring your new or slightly used items as prizes.

Birthdays for May included Dorothy Achor, Clara Brown, Ruth Carrington, Mary Cropper, Joann DeBord, Loretta Flint, John Hahn, Mary Hahn, Lil Neel, Liz Smith, and Althea Waterfield. Prayers go out for those on the sick list, those who have had surgery, to those who are living in nursing facilities, to those families who have lost loved ones as well as those who are serving in the military on our behalf. Be thankful for answered prayer and be patient. God works in His own time.

Hope to see you on June 24. In the meantime, check on those who live alone, and be kind to one another.