Disappointed in cemetery appearance

To the editor:

On May 19, I saw the most disgusting, sad and ugly thing I had seen in a while. I took flowers to Confidence Cemetery and it looked awful. I was very ashamed of the way it looked. The cemetery used to be a very pretty place, but not anymore.

I have concrete edging around my husband’s headstone, and when they were mowing they pulled a couple of them away from the stone. My granddaughter, that does not live in this county, brought a solar lighted cross for her grandpa; the mower ran over it and broke it.

They mow as fast as they can and pay no attention to hitting the stones and chipping pieces off. That is why so many people put edging around the stones. We as families do not want them torn up. They are not cheap.

They spray around the stones instead of weed eating and, therefore, the graves have brown weeds all over them, and it is ugly!

The spray rots the soil, the rains then wash the dirt away from the stones, and they start falling over. There are numerous stones that need to be reset and also some have bases that need to be reset due to sinking in the ground.

Can’t a community service be imposed on people that have fines to pay or could the people incarcerated provide some weed eating community service at the cemetery.

I would love to see Confidence Cemetery a beautiful place again: pretty and green, not brown and ugly.

Ok, I will get off my soapbox now.

Pat Hopkins